hydrogen energy application

Backup Power System by Fuel Cell

Backup Power System by Fuel Cell

The methanol hydrogen production - fuel cell - long-term power supply system uses methanol aqueous solution as raw material to obtain high-purity hydrogen through methanol steam reforming reaction and PSA purification method, and the hydrogen is converted into heat and power output through fuel cell.

Technical characteristics

Quick start, simple operation, high hydrogen purity and long continuous operation time of the system;

It can be combined with solar energy, wind energy and battery to form a comprehensive backup power system;

IP54 outdoor chassis, with light weight and compact structure, can be installed outdoors and on the roof;

Quiet operation and low carbon emissions.

Product specifications

application area

It is widely used in base stations, computer rooms, data centers, outdoor monitoring, isolated islands, hospitals, motor homes, outdoor (outdoor) operation and other scenarios.

  • Cell communication station
  • Computer room
  • Data center
  • Outdoor monitoring
  • Isolated island
  • Hospital
  • Touring car
  • Outdoor (field) operation