hydrogen energy application

Integrated station

integrated production and processing station


application scenario

To reduce cost of hydrogen transportation and ensure the hydrogne supply security, on-site hydrogen refueling station is proposed by Ally. On-site hydrogen generator could be from methaol reforming, SMR, or electrolysis of renewable electricity. 

According to the resources of raw materials for hydrogen production at the site of the hydrogen refueling station, hydrogen meeting requirement of  PEM fuel cells shall be produced on-site. The product hydrogen is compressed to 20MPa for primary storage, and then pressurized to 45MPa or 90MPa, and then filled into fuel cell vehicles through the hydrogenation machine; At the same time, a 20MPa long tube trailer is set at the primary storage end to provide hydrogen to other hydrogen stations, which is especially suitable for establishing an integrated hydrogen production and refueling master station in the suburbs of the city, and setting up a hydrogen sub-station in the center of the city to form a regional hydrogen master-and-sub-station.

The on-site hydrogen refueling station is especially suitable for mining heavy trucks, logistics vehicles in logistics parks and special tourist lines.

system composition

system composition

System pressure:
Chlorine production outlet pressure2.0MPag
Hydrogen storage pressure20MPag或45MPag
Filling pressure35或70MPag
System floor area: 3400m262x55m, of which,the hydrogen:
250Nm³/h.H₂配500kg/d加氢站 8x10m(加外围美化估计8x12m)
500Nm³/h.H₂配1000kg/d加氢站 7x11m(加外围美化估计8x 12m)
production part and safety distance are considered according to GB50516GB50156 and GB50177 standards.


technical advantages
  • Characteristics of integrated hydrogen production technology

    The hydrogen production equipment is modularized, prefabricated, highly integrated, to maximum reduce the on-site installation workload. 

    It covers a small area. It is feasible to be fited into the existing CNG refueling station. 

    Different from the traditional factory-type hydrogen production unit, the overall equipment height is low;

    High degree of equipment automation and low requirements for personnel intervention;

    Self-developed "a wide temperature chromium-free water-gas shift catalyst" with low activation temperature and good activity; Chromium-free formula, environmentally friendly; Applicable temperature range: 220~450 ℃; The catalyst production process is sulfur-free, and the product hydrogen is easier to meet the requirements of hydrogen for fuel tramcars;

  • Technical characteristics of compression equipment

    Diaphragm compressor is adopted, which does not pollute hydrogen and has high purity, meeting the requirements of fuel cell;

    Diaphragm compressor is applicable to high pressure ratio, and two-stage compression can meet the demand of high-pressure hydrogen storage and hydrogenation in the hydrogenation station; The compressor model is simple;

    The compressor model is simple, easy to skid, and convenient for on-site installation;

    Several domestic diaphragm compressors can be selected to promote the sound development of relevant domestic industries.

  • Technical characteristics of hydrogen storage equipment

    Domestic high-quality high-pressure hydrogen storage bottle group is used for hydrogen storage, with a single tube volume of 1~2m3, large hydrogen storage capacity and high reliability;

    Multi-stage hydrogen storage is adopted, which can be divided into 3 to 4 levels according to demand. The volume utilization rate of hydrogen storage bottle group is high.

  • Technical characteristics of hydrogen refueling and cooling system

    Adopt hydrogen refueling equipment from mature domestic manufacturers, with accurate measurement, automatic control of hydrogenation speed, high safety and simple hydrogenation operation;

    The refrigerator is skid-mounted, with small floor area, adjustable cold water temperature of - 30~10 ℃, and wide application range.

  • System features

    Container skid design, high integration and small footprint.

    Unified intelligent control system with high degree of automation.

    Large operating flexibility, hydrogen production can be standby.

    It is easy to expand the existing natural gas filling station.

    Low cost of hydrogen:<30 yuan/kg (natural gas price: 2.5 yuan/Nm3)


commercial cooperation
  • Joint venture construction
  • operation management
  • equipment purchase