hydrogen energy application

Hydrogen Energy Storage

Hydrogen Energy Storage

Green and low-carbon, facing the goal of "carbon neutrality", it is necessary to promote the new energy revolution.

The core of the new energy revolution has four major elements, namely silicon energy, hydrogen energy, energy storage and intelligence. At present, photovoltaic wind power in China is fully qualified for large-scale promotion, but its flexible regulation resources are the bottleneck. Because wind power photovoltaic is volatile, it needs to be solved by energy storage batteries, green hydrogen energy, electric vehicles, and smart energy.

Hydrogen energy storage is an effective way of peak regulation of power stations. It can build hydrogen energy storage peak regulation stations in areas where renewable energy is abundant, produce hydrogen energy storage during peak power hours, and use fuel cells or hydrogen turbine to generate electricity back to the grid during peak power hours, which can effectively solve the problem of renewable energy consumption and grid stability, and improve the utilization rate of transmission network and energy utilization rate.

Combined with its technical advantages accumulated in the field of hydrogen for many years, the combination of water electrolysis for hydrogen production from wind and electricity and synthetic ammonia will form a complete set of hydrogen energy storage system. It has independent electrolytic water technology and complete equipment, including the manufacturing capacity of electrolytic cell, mature synthetic ammonia technology and engineering construction capacity, and the EPC general contracting ability to independently complete the process from water electrolysis hydrogen production to liquid ammonia loading.

Compared with other chemical energy storage or mechanical energy storage, hydrogen energy storage has more obvious advantages.

It is less limited by region/site, and still has enforceability in relatively harsh environment;

Low system cost, long equipment life and convenient maintenance;

According to the fluctuation characteristics of wind and wind power, the load can be adjusted in a wide range;

The final product is liquid ammonia/hydrogen/liquid hydrogen, etc., which is a chemical raw material with huge demand in the market and has great economic value;

As the future green energy, liquid ammonia/hydrogen/liquid hydrogen can be transported over a long distance and in a large range, and the market prospect is optimistic;

The technology of water electrolysis and synthetic ammonia is very mature, and the reliability of the whole system is high.