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ammonia synthesis

Modularized Green Ammonia Plant

Green ammonia produced from green renewable energy, with zero carbon emission in its life cycle, convenient storage and transportation at normal temperature and liquefaction and high hydrogen content, is known as an important part of the future energy system. Green ammonia will gradually replace traditional fossil energy in energy transportation, chemical raw materials, fertilizers and other aspects to help the whole society reduce carbon emissions.

Modularizd green ammonia synthesis system adopts modular design. Standardized equipment can achieve standardized production, which could reduce the construction period. Rapid plant construction is the best choice to match renewable energy in the future, such as solar and wind.

Modularized green ammonia synthesis technology adopts low pressure synthesis system and high efficiency synthesis catalyst. At present, Ally could offer the capacity of the modularized green ammonia synthesis system: 3,000 TPA, 10,000 TPA and 20,000 TPA.

Technical characteristics

Technical features: The system is highly modular and integrated, with small floor space; The prefabrication and modularization is completed in Ally's workshop to reduce the site construction workload and guarantee the quality of welding. 

The patented technology of Ally Hydrogen Energy Co., Ltd. is adopted to optimize the process, reduce the number of equipment and achieve high equipment integration;

Multi-stream high efficiency winding tube heat exchange equipment is adopted, which is small in heat exchange equipment, high in heat exchange efficiency and easier to modularize;

The new high-efficiency synthetic ammonia tower reactor has high net value and high internal volume utilization rate;

Optimize the circulating compression process to make the synthetic ammonia have wide adjustment function

Low system power consumption